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  1. hmmm , yess having the same issue too, my emulator setup screen looks exactly as you have pictured.
  2. question what are the preferred light guns for reasonable prices these days? a quik google search makes it seem like these are a bit unreasonably priced so far..
  3. shoot if I get too bored watching thngs parse I could just read changelogs
  4. I think it may be a good idea to set a new example of maybe referencing the current versions im working on then, if I get the opportunity to give help. Shouldnt take me too long to learn this prog inside and out. i think i got most of it down in the past 2 days. Mame just a jerk as always and I like to try to make programs do things the hard way sometimes too. So for all intents and purposes everything ive been talking about for the past 24 hrs relates to launchbox 10.14 , mame 0220b , mameui64 v.187 retroarch 1.8.6
  5. thank you for that. IM not that dense, I was raised on dos and building full computers at 11 networking up to 6 computers together at 12 . Even though im autistic as rollerskating on ice sometimes give me some credit . I like the shuffle of video's. thats neat.
  6. fyi there is no startup folder in videos from the vanilla install of new lb
  7. Ohhh! I read they go in the root video somewhere so much information of so many versions that are not congruent with each other its its not like every one makes a point to say what version they are talking about.
  8. hmm weird it stopped playing any intro video during bigbox start after i renamed the file NOT startup.mp4... have another mp4 in the root and that ones not playing either.. im getting a lot of info on how things work on here that for some reason are not working for me. Story of my life.
  9. Quick question, anyway to use bezels with lb or bb without using retroarch yet? The mame emulators I have pull the individual bezels for each game, after using bezel project, and theres a few other systems where I prefer different emulators over retroarch.
  10. Airpyr8t

    Save states

    I noticed that one of the two dos box's included has a taewon build . the Taewon build I have lets you save by pressing alt +F5 and load with alt + F9. I cant remember if this build also uses dx9 and or opengl. If it does, Awesome, I pretty sure at some point I used to use reshade in conjuction with a dosbox build and d-fend to add some anti aliasing, bloom and anisotropic filtering to games to give them a slight polish.
  11. MADK9 . I am testing BOTH official mame220 downloaded by LB links AND my old mame64ui Iv'e allready had set up and working for YEARS. I am trying to (successfully now) integrate BOTH into Launchbox for my own reasons. MY issue was I missed the step about COPYING the MAME.INI from the INI FOLDER, to the root dir of the emulator I want to use AFTER setting up the emulator and rom Directories in said emulator. FYI the caps are not yelling. THey are keywords for other people looking to find info quikly.
  12. look sir ive been trying out different UI's since ive discovered them over 10 years ago, ive gone through several over the years. Ive already paid for this, and spent days setting it up. Had no problems Except for mame (but mame has always been a pain) and getting bezels to work easily. Things that would help other people new to the program. Complete instructions in one place for each system. When giving advice such as "put mame.ini in same folder as mame.exe" I and probably some others would have had a clearer picture of what to do if told "Copy mame.ini from INI folder in your mame dir to the same dir as the emulator's executable." Like a lot of techno geeks I am high functioning autistic and if things are not spelled out step by step exactly, I may miss steps and my brain does not always fill in the blanks correctly. Again thank you all for your patience with me. Its just tough living in a world were everybody seems to give partial information, cause there's a lot of things they naturally get, that I and people like me do not. Cheers from another Josh
  13. IM going to test it . But from what your saying. If lb ignores the mameui.ini outside of mameui , mame ui is not going to work with roms outside of the roms folder in the mameui folder I imagine.
  14. I am not arguing with anyone. I missed the posts about the ini file between all this back and forth and testing. All I have done is report what I have done and my findings there-in.
  15. Question In the case of mameui .the ini file is names mameui.ini . Will lb recognize this or can I only have one mame.ini and therefore only one mame emulator (excluding retroarch)? Again thanks for all the help, sorry for being salty. just getting super frustrated since Ive been working on this for 4 days straight.
  16. still a ton of work for something I paid a good amount for
  17. create /edit tomato tomato . the whole point is to get the whole shebang to be able to all run in lb /bb and be able to run them just via the emulators outside of lb /bb without having to change ANYTHING after its all set up right. Be a lot easier if ALL the info needed was included into video turtorials. most of the ones I find are out dated or missing steps.
  18. that should have been mentioned in the video. ill try it n see if thats a permanent solution. Question though. if your move the roms somewhere after moving the ini file, logic denotes that you would have to create a new ini file and then move that, correct?
  19. Airpyr8t custom intro to bigbox View File Just something I threw together with fraps real quik. I do not own the rights to these images. Safe for work. Place in the root of your launchbox videos dir. Submitter Airpyr8t Submitted 05/13/2020 Category Startup Themes  
  20. Version 1.0.1


    Just something I threw together with fraps real quik. I do not own the rights to these images. Safe for work. Place in the root of your launchbox videos dir.
  21. read more carefully please. roms outside of mame22b ( not gui just regular ol new mame) WILL NOT!! run the roms if they are outside of that emulators directory either. Even though both emulators had the directories set up in them to point to my launchbox/roms/mame220, as I mentioned. I tested them both. Your belief they work outside is debunked by 6hours of testing trial and error.
  22. So Neat things. Seems old Mameui64 187 can run the new romset 202 fine. Cannot launch roms through LB though. Thus adding more weight to when it come to Mame emulators and LB the roms Have to be in the Mame emulators rom folder. to test this further I placed all the files needed to run arkanoid in my launchbox/emulators/mame64ui/roms folder and guess what, It worked, even though that directory is not set up in the actual emulator, which is looking in my launchbox/emulators/mame220b/roms folder. This means to me LB does override the emulators directory paths somewhat, but for mame (mame 220b and mame64ui 187 only so far)the games HAVE TO BE IN THE EMULATOR ROM DIRECTORY. At least on my system for some reason.
  23. A bit tedious still but will work great with those pesky mame sets. 1). As you play tag all the games you don't want as favorites or some other list 2.) navigate to that list 2.5) .Right click on a game then hit ctrl + a to select them all 3). use tools to move those selected files somewhere else . 4). Navigate to folder "O' fun" in explorer 6) Delete folder.
  24. that increasing internal rez might be a false memory.. Back to my question of batch removing unwanted roms, or deleting the files of the HD straight from the gui (that would be soo cool) I'm attaching me rom directory structure to see if that will help clarify things tree.txt
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