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LaunchBox and Big Box not loading, hang on populating games for several minutes


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Hi, I'm creating this thread to keep the other thread clear as requested by @Jason Carr
@Jason Carr
LaunchBox and Big Box are not loading properly for me. They hang for several minutes on the populating games screen. I tried installing a new copy of the latest version to another location and it loads ok without the data. Is there any way to troubleshoot?


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So most likely in that case, it is a data issue, and usually a data corruption issue. The good news is that LaunchBox always makes backups of data, unless you actively turn it off. You should have various backups available under LaunchBox\Backups. What you can do is make a copy of your LaunchBox\Data folder (so that you have it available), then you can restore the latest backup from the Backups folder over top of your Data folder. If the latest doesn't work, you can go to the previous one, and so on and so forth. Does that makes sense?

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