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Question: If I move change a MAME game to a different platform, will it "remember" the next time I import?

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Hey there, kind of a simple question, but I just want to find out if anyone knows if it will work this way:

I am importing the entire MAME collection, including non-Arcade games. If I change the platform on some of them (I'm creating "Plug'n'Play" and "Handheld Electronic" platforms) and move them, then the next time I import MAME (when a new version comes out), will it see the moved ones with the same file name, or will it attempt to re-import those files again?

Similarly, for things MAME supports that aren't games (the ZX Spectrum bios), is my best option to just leave them and mark them Hidden? (Assuming the answer to the prior question is Yes, I could remove their "Arcade" platform)

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If you import a full mame set into platform "Arcade" and then manually change some games to be in a different platform. The next time you try to import a full mame rom set into LB as "Arcade" LB will import them all into "Arcade" and you would have to manually change the game you did before. LB will only import files into the platform you tell it to.

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