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  1. I do still have questions on... should we choose some kind of standard for: "Rare" vs "Rareware" vs "Rare Ltd." "Ocean" vs "Ocean Sofwater" (I also still see "Nintendo of America" or even "Nintendo of Australia", when surely we'd just want "Nintendo", for the publisher, right?) and Publishers are Region based, but I usually see the American publisher put in there. I feel like adding (optional) Region field to Publisher could be beneficial.
  2. It's pretty commonly known that a lot of Developers change hands, and this leads to them changing their name. "Iguana Entertainment" is now "Acclaim Studios Austin". "Nintendo EAD" used to be "Nintendo R&D4". What would be the best way to handle these? Absolutely one option is to introduce aliases for developers; but I also feel like, knowing in what era the developer used that name is interesting and important, and changing names is seen as a change? But the issue with that is, there are many games in the database developed by R&D4 that are attributed to EAD; this makes sense, but. An idea that just came to mind: what if developers had aliases, alongside a year range of when they used that alias; it would automatically display the correct alias for the game's release date. (LaunchBox the app would still show them as separate Developers unless that was changed, but this is still, a good way to keep the database in order/accurate? Hm.) Thoughts?
  3. This is probably a bizarre one to bring up but one I wanted to talk about: Change "Visual Novel" to "Interactive Fiction"; as there are plenty of IF games that are solely text, so the VIsual part doesn't apply to them.
  4. Gotcha. So is the preference going to be "[Game Title] ([Developer])"? I had considered "[Game Title] ([Region])" but the prior probably seems more suitable.
  5. So something that has been bothering me, is, on SNES, there are 2 completely different games based on Monopoly; one released in US and Europe, and the other released in Japan. Currently, there is only one Monopoly entry in the database. Is it possible to create another, in order to split these off, so they parse separately? Or is 2 games with the same title on the same system going to not work with the database? What is the best way to handle this?
  6. The T

    Release Dates

    I went to the "Add New Game" page, and it just gives me "Name" and "Platform"; I don't want to type in fake data in just to get to the next page to see more info, so those tool tips aren't easy to get to... This is veering off the original topic, but to best help me in adding info, I'm curious about the Game Type field, what it defines "DLC" as; ie, are all download-only games DLC, or is that primarily for something else? Consider adding these tool tips to the game edit pages...
  7. The T

    Release Dates

    That explains it. Guess I'll keep submitting away my corrections.
  8. The T

    Release Dates

    That's really unfortunate, as it makes sorting by release date within the app useless. Games would no longer be sorted in the order they were actually released. What would we need to do to get this corrected?
  9. Something that's been bothering/confusing me is Release Dates. Most release dates I'm seeing input are North American (or flat out wrong); but the North American release date is rarely the first region the game was released in. If we only have a single Release Date field, it should probably be the single first release date, regardless of region. If this isn't to be the case, we should have separate fields for different regions, and ideally the app would have options to select a region, or to automically choose the first-most date.
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