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New vertical theme concept - It's not called Tate


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Been working on a different concept for a vertical theme, Was going to call it BigTate, or Hypertaint, LOL. I think I'll settle on It's Not Called Tate for the name because I've always thought the name Tate for vertical themes is ridiculous. But that's just like my opinion, man.  Anyhow, its kind of a silly take on the HyperTate theme. It doesn't have nearly the animation from the HS stuff, but it is what it is. Here is a preview.

Not sure if there's any interest, but If anyone would like to contribute, or play around with the theme, I can share the Theme Builder files. It uses some HS assets (transitions) so I'm not comfortable sharing it publicly on the forum, but if you PM me I will gladly share.

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3 hours ago, SilverChin said:

Dude I'm glad your doing this ! When I mentioned this I was hoping someone would be able to get this style its nice! I would love to mess with this one as well. Thank you for doing what you do sir!

Bro its really rough, LOL. I can share it with you but its not super smooth. I was really just seeing how far I could push things to get it close to the old school stuff. I'm at work now but I'll try to share it with you tonight or some time this weekend.

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