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Opening a manual from a plug-in in Big Box

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Hi there,

When in Big Box running most any theme, if you go a game details and select View Manual, it opens this PDF viewer embedded in Big Box where you can scroll up and down using your controller and close it with the back button.  I am trying to do the same from a plug-in running in Big Box.  I see there is an API for IGame.OpenManual: 


When I call this, it launches a web browser outside of BigBox with the manual PDF loaded in it.  Is it possible for a plug-in to launch the manuals in that embedded PDF viewer to keep a more seamless experience?  

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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For this one, I was looking at working around it using a 3rd party library called PDFium. I’m wondering if there would be a better way to do it with whatever library that BigBox is using to display PDFs. Is big box using cefsharp to embed a browser window that shows the PDF manuals?  Any suggestion for a big box plugin that wants to embed a pdf reader into big box?

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I think I need to build my own PDF viewer. I wouldn’t be able to use the game manual viewer as is because it’s implemented as a big box game details menu item and my plugin builds its own game details menu and doesn’t show the standard one. 

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