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Here is a look at my current Emulation PC setup.
This is a project that i have been working on in the background for many years now, slowly building my library and forever tweaking the visuals and emulation settings of many systems.
Time Stamps are in the description so you can jump to whatever system interest you.
This is my emulation PC running the BigBox frontend with a slightly tweaked "Colorful- Dark" theme.
PC Spec's: CPU: Xeon 1281v3 @ 4.1GHz all cores 4c/8t
GPU: mini RTX 2060
Ram: 8GB DDR3 ( Soon to be 16GB )
Mobo: Mini itx Asus h97i-plus
PSU: SFX 650wat Silverstone
Case: modified Lian Li tu-100
CPU Cooler: Crosair 120mm AIO
HDD: 2.5" 2TB x 2 - 2.25" 1TB x2 SSD: M.2 500GB







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This is a fantastic build, congrats!


I'm super curious- what emulator are you using for switch? I wasn't aware Switch was already emulated on PC!


Also, this is one that's a complete brain twister for me- how are you running X360 games so well?! I'm using both Xenia and Xenia Canary, and they both are terrible- in the sense that they're highly unstable and performance is just bad (constant frame stuttering). I hope I'm using them wrong, I really do, because the constant crashes and bugs make all of my (100) X360 games unplayable. I think I've read on the Xenia github that some games run better with shaders cached (I know for example RPCS3 does this with PS3 games; which I have and use and it runs great). I have a feeling there's some setup that Xenia needs before it can run games well, but I can't find out what that is after a couple of weeks of searching everywhere. If anyone has any tips for getting X360 games to run decent, please share- I'd really appreciate it!

Current system I'm testing Xenia on:
Windows 10 (latest updates)
Nvidia 2080Ti

i9-7960X CPU @ 2.80GHz

64.0 GB RAM (@2133 MHz)

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