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We can use 'AND' when creating a custom autopopulated playlist query, but can we use 'OR'?


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As an example, I want to create an autopopulated playlist of arcade games where Capcom is the publisher OR the developer to improve the playlists like 'Capcom Classics'.  

I know how to do a list where games are from the platform arcade and their publisher is Capcom. But that wouldn't include Capcom developed games that had other company as publisher. 

Using the developer field instead, I can make a list where Capcom is the developer and their platform is arcade. But this list won't include those games published by Capcom but developed by other studios, as it is the case of the Pang! series.

Do you know how could I make my own autopopulated arcade 'Capcom Classics' playlist where Capcom is the developer OR the publisher?

It also would be helpful for cases like 'Tecmo Classics' because in the past Tecmo was formally named Tehkan, so their earlier games like Bomb Jack have Tehkan as developer and publisher instead of Tecmo, so without using 'OR' I can't make a proper Tecmo Classics list that include all the arcade games where their publisher or developer is Tehkan or Tecmo.

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Unfortunately that functionality does not exist currently. We wanted the auto-populate playlists to be easy to use as the focus when we developed them, so we didn't implement an OR vs. AND set of options, as that can get tremendously complicated. I believe we do have a ticket requested for that on BitBucket though already.

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