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Won't recognize Wii games you compressed through dolphin


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5 hours ago, sevenalive said:

I know this was the case with an earlier version but I just tested copying one of my  rvz files and  did scan for added games and it picked it up. I used to have to add the rvz files using the files button instead of the add folder button.


@YDINO Make sure you are using the latest version of launchbox. Also make sure you go to Tools > scan for added roms to pick up the converted files.

BTW in dolphin, in the default table view, check the Format column. If it just says RVZ, you did it right. If it says RVZ (NKit), that's not right. RVZ (NKit) "works" but it's not ideal and not true RVZ. If you have a NKit file, dolphin just compresses over the compressed NKit format, instead of decompressing it and recompressing it. IDL why dolphin doesn't warn the person or even allows it since there's no real benefit. RVZ (Nkit) or RVZ (GCZ) means the file is essentially compressed twice now, requiring 2 decompressions to read it, so it's more inefficient and no disc read perf improvements that RVZ. Also NKit/GVZ format could mean the ISO was trimmed of the junk data, which doesn't really matter but that also means another benefit of RVZ is going unused (ability to keep junk data but compress it down like it was trimmed). So make sure dolphin just lists RVZ as the format and not RVZ (Nkit) or something else in parenthesis. 

This report was created in the Android section, so I assumed that the issue happened on Android and not on the desktop. I assume that is correct @YDINO?

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On 1/4/2022 at 8:46 PM, exige24 said:

I'm having this same issue with Dolphin, .rvzs and Launchbox on Android. I launch a Gamecube game on Launchbox, I get this screenshot on Dolphin.....   




When I launch said rvz file in Dolphin, it launches just fine. Hmmm...........


It's possible that Dolphin is expecting a different way to launch the games if they are compressed. I'm not sure. I'll be putting out a new Android beta later today. Can you test 1.0-beta-4 (after it comes out) to see if it happens to solve the issue?

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I got this screen before upgrading dolphin to the lastest version.

RVZ works for me now, i use the development version of dolphin that you can download from webiste. The version from play store doesn't work for me. But i often have to start the game 2 or 3 times from lauchbox before it works. Dolphin close in less than a seconde, try again the same game, and it start. 

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