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LED Blinky - Trackball Light


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Is there any way to make sure to light up the trackball instead of the joystick for games that need it?

For example, Missile Command works great with the trackball, but I have "Light Game Controls" set in LED Blinky and  only joystick is lit (along with the buttons) when introducing controls, or playing the game

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Sure, but I don't think the default colors.ini and controls.ini included with LEDBlinky includes an entry for Missile Command. (I don't use the stock files, everything is custom.)

You'll have to start LEDBlinkControlsEditor.exe and make an entry for missile in the MAME section. Within there set the colors for your controls including your trackball. The LEDBlinky documentation is quite good if you need more detailed explanation. Just remember you have to restart LEDBlinky for changes to be seen.

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Thanks Headrush.

I see now how the LED Blinky Controls Editor works. Normally, "Colors.ini" is used. But if there's an entry for the same game in "LEDBlinkyControls.xml" (updated by the Controls Editor) then that gets used. Sounds great, but no matter what I set, I can't get the trackball to light up for a game. I've set it as Primary Control too (in "common"). Still nothing. Heck, it even lights up in the Controls Editor when I use  "Test RGB LED".  I've looked at the documentation, but it talks more about joysticks than trackballs - and nothing seems applicable.


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Wow. You guys are good.

I never paid much attention to the troubleshooter/debug log. Now I will! I did exactly what you said, looked at the debug output, and it pointed me to the fact that I hadn't set the Input Codes for Trackball when I originally did the mapping. Once I set that properly, like magic it works great! Thank you so much. 

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