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Vertical Basic - Startup Theme

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This is a very basic startup (and shutdown) theme intended for vertical monitor setups. This theme was heavily influenced by the Big Logo startup theme by @Suhrvivor. The main difference being the background image is front box art instead of fan art, since fan art doesn't always fit real well on a vertical monitor. This theme is semi-awesome for vert setups, but the one place it kinda sucks is with Super Nintendo since it looks kind of ugly with the sideways boxart being smooshed. Because of this, I created a seperate Super Nintendo View that displays the fan art. If you prefer that look, you could rename that file to default.xaml and all your systems will open with fan art instead of the box art which would be very similar to the Big Logo theme at that point.

To install, open the zip and drop the Vertical Basic folder into the Startup Themes folder found in your LaunchBox folder. In Launchbox, click tools then Options and scroll down to Gameplay/Game Startup. Once there, select the Vertical Basic theme.

Theme should scale to any vertical ratios.  9:16 and 3:4 ratios shown here.

Arcade.thumb.png.120f7497bf150a5cf153544e55afd6eb.png            2012905843_Arcade3x4ratio.thumb.png.64230473c11f11d3d55af3b8c426b7f2.png


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