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BigBox doesn't sort like Launcbox


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 When viewing the Arcade platform category in launchbox (platform category view), everything that is a child of Arcade, regardless whether it is a playlist or another platform is sorted alphabetically.  That same sorting behavior is not present in BigBox.  While the playlists appear sorted, the platforms are shown at the end of the list regardless of name.  


 It would be nice if the sorting was alphabetical even in BigBox.  I looked, but I don't see an option for this.  I don't want to create extra playlists just to work around this.



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Hi @Rob_G. The sorting of the Platform Category in both LaunchBox and BigBox should be identical, both being alphabetical by default. I do know that you can change the sorting in LaunchBox by inputting a Sort Title name into either a platform or playlist, but it doesn't sound like that's what's going on here.

WIthin Big Box are you seeing this behavior when browsing through your Platform Categories filter? and which theme are you using?

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Hi there

am having this same issue and for me it is not related to the naming of platforms and clear logos

i had a issue with this so i started over importing platforms and it was fine as i was going along i came across a issue with my arcade platform so i removed it and imported it again and created arcade playlists and the problem appeared again 

what happens is my arcade platform\playlist categories listed move any platforms i have made myself to the bottom of the list so its like the platform\playlist categories takes order priority over any custom made platforms 

so you end up with a split of arcade platform\playlists in alphabetical order then your custom made platforms in alphabetical order 

but in launchbox the list is sorted as you would like it with both custom made platforms and arcade platform\playlists combined and sorted in alphbetical order 

this has happened twice now using 2 different big box themes so its not theme related

first time i was using unified refried and now using colourful dark 

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I managed to resolve the issue 

after scanning through all my arcade platform edit window i noticed that all playlist in the arcade section on recreating playlists had added the word Arcade infront of all of the generated playlists for example 

Unique Name. Arcade Irem Classics
Nested Name. Irem Classics   

so bigbox was following the unique name and shifting everything to the top following Arcade so i changed it to 

Unique Name. Irem Classics
Nested Name. Irem Classics   

and everything now lists correctly in LB\BB

i hope this may help anyone else experiencing a naming problem and platform shift 

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