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Pulse Startup

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User requested a Startup, Pause, and Shutdown theme to compliment the Pulse BigBox theme. So I decided to see how close I could get to the great design of that theme made by Juketsu. I am not a skilled or seasoned coder, more of a scratch type coder so behind the scenes may not be the prettiest. This was fun seeing how much of the BB theme I could decipher. Since the BB theme was done using the Community Theme Creator and that program uses some custom plugins I had to get creative to replicate some items.

The Startup theme's Startup view was modeled after Pulse's HorizontalWheels3GamesView and the Shutdown view was modeled after HorizontalWheels2GamesView. Overall layout, metadata, and some animations are all there from the BB theme. Only creative difference I took was using a red heart for the favorites logo. The BB theme uses the same blue star as the user rating.


Download zip file and be sure to unblock the zip.

Simply place the PulseStartup folder inside your \LaunchBox\StartupsThemes folder (Do NOT rename the folder).


@Juketsu Pulse theme is his original design. The Startup theme uses his design and artwork.


1. This theme will stay up until Juketsu releases his version. If he is planning to do one.

2. Theme was only tested on a 16:9 and 4:3 aspect monitor.


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