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  1. Hello, these are just early designs. I have not even started making this on CTC yet. Yes, I'm releasing the CTC source files, when the theme is finished. Wall views are made manually editing the xaml files.
  2. Thanks. Here's some more. Now taking a brake for few days.
  3. More platform views. Using the Colorful platform videos by Viking. Added gradients because the views needed some depth. This is looking more or less like Pulse. Maybe the views are more defined and consistent across the theme now. First wall view
  4. First platform view. This layout is also from Pulse. Did some updates to it. With device image No device image --> platform banner image
  5. Updated the Horizontal Wheel View and did one vertical wheel with large box art. There will be one with clear logos also.
  6. Thank you for the kind words. You can find the latest source files (2.2.2) here: Concerning the wall views. Be aware that you must do the wall view wheels outside of CTC. When you publish, the wall views will not work. You have to take those views from the original published version and paste them to your version... it's a messy process, but I think you can handle it. If you wan't to change the wall view layouts you need to make some editing in text editor. I have made the wall view layouts in CTC and then manually added the wheels in text editor. The wall view layouts in CTC are: WheelGamesView (WallGamesView) Wheel2GamesView (Wall2GamesView) Wheel3GamesView (Wall3GamesView)
  7. Small updates. Was thinking about the animated menu which might prove to be too irritating. I then decided to put the game notes to appear in front of the video with some timed animations (wish there was a button to show the notes). Added fan art (if any) to fade in behind the logo. Going to be careful not to add too many elements here, just don't want it to be too empty and clean. Did some CRT effect image layers for the video. Horizontal Wheel View 1 will use the same layout as Pulse. Didn't feel it needed any big changes. Removed notes from this view to avoid too much clutter. This view will get some fine tuning later.
  8. Fine tuned version. Decided to remove the gradients. Some tv's and monitors can't display smooth gradients and then they can look really ugly.
  9. New version. More balanced I think and should scale better and now has a bit more color.
  10. Hi, Just started to design my new theme Lucidity. More video focused approach this time around. Will support the new badges and play time features. Right now I'm thinking of removing the box art, because it will make the game info harder to fit in there. Also not sure about the menu height right now (makes scrolling game lists harder). This views is hard, because it's used in two places. I would like to make completely separate game details view and list view.
  11. The animations should not use GPU... I think. CPU power matters the most. The lowest I have tested with is i5 4570 (integrated GPU) which works quite well on lower resolutions < full hd. Glad you got it running better though. Unfortunately you would have to edit the theme in CTC I think. It would be great, if there was an option to change the alignment for the menus.
  12. The same problem is with my other theme LV-101, I'm starting to think that this is a bug in launchbox or CTC. Don't know how to fix Page Up / Page Down scrolling.
  13. Thanks for the report. This bug is new to me. I will try to solve it. Don't really know why it's not working properly.
  14. How far do you sit from your tv? Maybe just buy a pair of glasses? Just kidding. I will change the font size, but changing the screenshot would be too much work right now. You might want to try to tweak the theme yourself, if you need to make texts and images bigger.
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