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Launchbox 12.3 window frozen and not interactable


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I opened LB today and the window was completely not interactable, like if there was a prompt somewhere I had to click first (Windows gives me the sound cue that I should close the prompt, probably the one for the update? but there is no prompt, not even off screen).


I can't fix this on my end because it's completely stuck. Any way to bring up the prompt so that I can start the update? At least, I think that's the issue. 

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Ok I managed to fix this. It was indeed the update prompt, because launching without an internet connection fixed it. I tried a couple of things, it ended up being my monitor resolution/aspect ratio (I have an ultrawide 1080p monitor). I set the resolution to 1920x1080 and the update window was half visible on the right corner of the screen, so I was able to click "yes" to the update popup.


Case closed, maybe get this checked before rolling out the new version because really there was no other way around it (no "move window" or keyboard shortcut trickery that I could find, and the pop up doesn't show up in ALT+TAB or Start + Tab).

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Just now, faeran said:

You always have the option to run an update manually overtop your current install, although you should not do this while LaunchBox is open.

I'm wondering, if you can restart LaunchBox, are you still seeing issues? 

Restarting did not fix the issue at all, unless it was with internet unplugged. I posted the solution in my last comment, it was indeed a buggy pop up.

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