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I finally took some time during holidays to work on this, and I must be doing something wrong and dunno what it is yet ☹️

I picked launchbox because I wanted to do a home server that I could stream directly to my devices for retrogaming (mostly), so I've got an Intel Xeon i7-5775C 3.30GHz with 16Gb RAM and an old Geforce GTX 970
I've managed to play Assassin's creed Origins and Odyssey perfectly over streamed LAN with it, but I cannot seem to manage to move my complete collection in Lauchbox...

Furthermore, I can use launchbox without issues, it's a bit slow, but I can work with that, but when Bigbox opens, it is not responsive to keys, and when it does, it's extremely slow.

CPU load for bigbox is 3.5%, and total load of the server is around 17% at most, RAM is loaded in 34%, of those, less than 700Mb are bigbox

So, I don't know what the problem may be... but bigbox is not working correctly...

Total game collection is around 30k games, I limited media to 2 images for each title.

Any idea on how to optimize it? I still haven't added MAME games 😅

Happy new year, everyone!

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Just so I am clear. Are you having the problem while streaming Big Box or is the problem occurring when using it locally on the machine in question? Also if you're opening Big Box for the first time it will be a tad sluggish at first while it builds the image cache. Once the cache has been built the experience should smooth out and be more responsive. You CAN manually build it via the Options > Image Cache menu if you would like. I will say though that for a collection your size it can take a CONSIDERABLE amount of time to do it that way so I would do it overnight.

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Both, yesterday I did use the bigbox option to force populate images, I just did same for wheels, will let you know...

I was thinking on passing all images to jpegmini, to see if it improves... but I suppose it's already done...

What astonishes me is I've seen collections this big and even more moving well on youtube... so it's something I'm not doing correctly...

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