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Virus Win32/Grenam.A attack my LaunchBox


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Hey Guys i have an incredible bad news.

Yesterday a infamous virus trojan called Win32/Grenam.A (any antivirus call him virus.renamer.virrenam1or win32 renamer f trj) attack my LaunchBox.exe

When i have launched Launchbox it's started process. Every .exe are corrupting in few minutes. They have all same size 725Kb and lost information file in details, and normally not works more.

By a special code in cmd prompt as administrator i recovery the old original exe with size correct and that works but with letter g before name.exe

But now ??? How To do? My collection it's very BIG, i have more than 150 platforms configured ready to use with all their emulators.

I must eliminate the virus before and later check how to fix this problem if is possibile.

I'm working on this project from more than 1 year, i have more than 300 games ready on TeknoParrot, i have all OpenBor, Mugen too, all configured game setting one by one.


Please Help Me!!!


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All of your data is in the \\LaunchBox\Data\ folder and can be copied directly to a fresh install. If those files were some how corrupted you also have (by default) backups on that are saved in \\LaunchBox\Backups\ which is just you entire Data folder backed up. You may have to redownload images if you need to move to a fresh install, but at least you won't need to do the imports and re-setup emulators, etc

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Hi C-Beats, so you tell me that not is a way for fix the problem ??

I try follow a guide and in cmd prompt if i use this code :

attrib -s -h *exe /D /S

all .exe original are recovered but with "g" letter before name original and this file it's right and works, but if i rename without g , don't work and size is always 725Kb.

I think exists a way!

If i don't find any solution i do a new installation of LaunchBox and i copy LaunchBox\Data\ folder  and images, video etc... but i always setting every emulator one by one. Very bad news!!!!!! I hope in a fast solution. Thanks.

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Not real sure what you asking to be honest. I can't really help in the repair of your PC, but LaunchBox is portable and all data/media is in the folder structure. You can just run a fresh/clean installer from our website over the current folder and restore the build to a working condition. There is no need to move files, the installer won't overwrite them.

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