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Control wheel/game select with trackball and/or spinner in Bigbox?


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Hi, I have a machine dedicated to trackball and spinner games, running bigbox. Currently I have to set my action buttons to navigate the game selection screen in bixbox. Just trying to make it easier for guests to navigate without asking me how to do it lol. Sorry if this has been asked before. I did try to search but didn't find an answer. Thanks!

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I was hoping for this 2, but from the looks of it theres no way to do so. Its defenently a feauture id absolutely love. Just to put a wheel on my spiner and just let it land on what ever. The other isue i have as well is on my arcade i have ultimarc ultra 360 sticks. There full anologue so you can play modern games. Prob is there magnets and when i try to navigate with them, they sometimes just move on there own or extra click. If they were to impliment some anologue control/ dead zone and have mouse move ment speed to navigate, it would fix both our probs

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