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Custom themes not displaying platform image/video

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Hi there. Apologies for the stupid question (I'm new to Big Box and themes).  1 week in to retro emulation and I have my Launchbox and Emumovies subscriptions and really enjoying tinkering. I've spent god knows how many hours playing with all the setup, meta-data and organisation but no time playing any games - haha. I'm sure that will happen some day 😉

I have successfully installed and am using a few custom themes built by other members. What I've noticed is that with each theme, when I scroll/scan through the platforms, the image being shown is always a random(?) game video from that platform. This is despite the theme being set up to show a platform/console image/video. I know this because of the images and videos the creators have posted.  Please see image below as an example. I would like to see the N64 console image at the top left of the screen. Instead I see one of the game videos playing instead.

I've obviously accidentally changed a setting somewhere to override the theme but I can't seem to find it anywhere. I'd be really grateful if someone could advise on how I can correct this.



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Ah - yes that may well be the problem! Is there a quick way to download these for all my platforms in LB? I can't seem to find where to do this. Do I need to manually download the Emumovies and store them somewhere in the LB path? 

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