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Just added a bit bucket request for more pause options


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Please read, then let me find out others want this feature

or improve on this request. If by chance you like this idea please  vote for it on bitbucket

bitbucket can be found by left clicking on 3 lines on top right of screen then help & support

feature request

In the pause menu you can access the game manual.

but would be nice for other menu items (optional dependent on pause theme)

such as

Other pdf,s (walkthroughs, game history etc)

Images (maps, controls etc.)

videos (game adverts, reviews etc.)

just put folders in pause data folder or images ie pause custom 1 ,2,3

or even have a supplementary images folder in root with subfolders

manuals, artwork 1, artwork 2, video, documents 1, documents 2 etc

can then be added to game view screen in big box at a later date if wanted


link added so if you want to help vote for this 


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3 hours ago, drphobus said:

cant see this in bit bucket so have to search for 6672

then it shows up

I would recommend just adding a link to it in your original post.

16 hours ago, drphobus said:

Other pdf,s (walkthroughs, game history etc)

Just an FYI you can have other pdf files visible in Pause menu. If you have magazine scans, cheats/moves lists, or any other relative data in pdf format you can add them using the "Additional Applications" options in the edit game screens.

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Thanks for reply 

have added link as suggested. Just in case you wanted to vote for it

I was thinking of a automatic system  just global folders like manual, ie artwork  folder with system/games subfolders the rotate through images until exit. Additional Applications is more of a personal selection. 



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