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Playlist to a platform (with different setting)


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I see some subject in the forum, but it doesn't answer exactly to my question (i think). I created a playlist "light gun" for my future siden light gun. What i want to do is set up the emulator (for example Arcade) with specific control for gun, but i don't want to make change for the platform Arcade in case we want to play with a controller. I want to do the same thing with the racing game to be set up with a racing wheel. 

For example, Area 51 in light gun platform, set up with a light gun and in platform Arcade, set up with the controller.

For now, with a playlist, if we do change, it also changes in the platform. There is a quick way to do that or i need to manually import all light gun games in a new platform?

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One way you can do this is by creating a new Emulator entry inside of Tools > Manage > Emulators

You can even have it pointing to the same emulator. Then set up your specific light gun configs in there.

Then in your playlist, you can select all your games and bulk change all your light gun games to use your newly added emulator.

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Yes but if i change the games in the playlist, this will also change game in the Arcade, psx... So "Area 51" in psx platform doesn't keep the emulator setting with a controller. I'm surprise that launchbox didn't have this option (make a playlit as platform or different settings). I have 2 pc and only 1 have a gun and a racing wheel, that's why i want to keep all game playable with a controller. I sync my 2 launchbox, so i can't do a differente setting for each computer.


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