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MAME 0.240 and "MESS" 0.240 on launchbox 12.7


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Hello friends,

I'm french so my english is a little bit rusty.

I have an issue on the launchbox 12.7, I imported the set 0.240 MAME ROMs.

Where do i need to put the chd of the 0.240 MAME CHDs ? I need those chds for some roms.

Do i need to import de bios devices 0.240 ? or on the Launch box do it for me ?

For the console "MESS" part, did someone has already import the MESS console part on launchbox 12,7 ?

If someone has a tutorial or something for that ?


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Assuming a standard MAME setup (the MAME folder can be called whatever you want but is MAME here): 


You then should verify your MAME.INI is set accordingly.  

rompath                   roms;chds;software
samplepath                samples

The paths in the MAME.INI are relative to the MAME.EXE and the above assumes your MAME.EXE is in same root folder as CHDS, ROMS, etc.  

You don't need to do anything with the BIOS or CHDS import wise as long as your MAME.INI is set correctly to match your folder paths.  LB will figure out what to do if you use Tools, Import, MAME Arcade Full Set feature and point it to your ROMS folder for import. 

Software Sets

Now MAME Software (non-Arcade) is different issue in that currently LB does not natively import these easily via a wizard like the arcade import feature.  However, a user has made a very useful plugin to do some of the work.  It is located here

Even with the plugin it isn't as straightforward as the arcade MAME games to get working in that you have to tell MAME commands specific to that software platform.  Ther are several threads on the forums that go into more detail (like Phillips CD-i).  But in general, it is usually easiest to setup a duplicate emulator of MAME just for software if you are going to use ROMS in the MAME\Software folder since it will have different settings than for MAME arcade.  I called mine "MAME_MESS" but you can call whatever. Unlike arcade setup, you will need to check the "Remove File Extension and Folder Path" as shown below if running properly named ROM zips in the MAME Software folder.  


If using ROMS in the Software folder, it is also critical that you have updated the HASH folder data to match your MAME.EXE version (comes with the full MAME install) and that your MAME.ini points correctly to the folder like:

hashpath                  hash

The reason is that MAME uses the XML files in the hash folder to "figure out" via checksums of the zip file how to load the software and allows for a bit simpler command lines in LB (don't have to use media flag like -cart).  For this to work properly, you need to make sure you have a properly named software set and in zips that match what MAME expects (see below).  


Then in your duped MAME emulator settings you set the default command lines so that MAME knows how to run each platform. A few I have are shown below but there are many others.  Typically, the first part of the default command is the same name as system name in the software folder (example a2600 is the Atari 2600). 


With all that, MAME isn't always the best emulator and/or easiest to setup for many systems, so although you CAN run them, it is usually easier to run in something like RetroArch if there is a core. This is particularly the case for most cartridge based systems.  

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It's in your MAME directory (where emulator EXE is located) ...doesn't have anything to do with LB.  

Let me explain i speak about the launch box import MAME full set.

I make the import but i'm looking for the mame.ini file on LB\Emulators\MAME 0,240\ini

There is no mame.ini and i m looking for the directory where i can add the link of the CHD 0,240 full pack. I haven't find it

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The mame.ini file should be in the root of the mame install.  In your case it should be in LB\Emulators\MAME 0,240\, not LB\Emulators\MAME 0,240\ini.  You may need to run mame.exe for the first time in order for the .ini to be created if it's not in the LB\Emulators\MAME 0,240\ folder too.

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Thanks CDBlue

On my LB interface i display only the working games.

For example the game Area51 Maximum Force Duo v2.0 (CHD) i can see it on the LB interface but i can't launch it.

From the MAME interface i can launch it.

On my LB interface i can't launch any chd game : big buck hunter

from LB the rom launch -> black screen -> nothing

from mame chd menu -> the game launch




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Hmm I'm not sure I can help any more.  I don't play any games that use chd's and my mame import didn't import any chd's ... at least not that I know anyway.  Maybe it did, but I never play any of those heh.  Hopefully someone else who does use CHD's can help answer your questions :(

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