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Specific Rom Wont Import to Launchbox/Bigbox


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Double check you don't have a game called Global Champion.  If did the North America import, then that is what is set as priority with the Kaiser Knuckles as alternate roms:


This site is good to root out clones/names and if the game is running or not.  

When you drag/dropped the ROM if you check the "Force Importing Duplicate Games" before the next MAME Import Game selection window it would force import (but as a dupe).  If you check that and see it pop up in last screen just before import, then that indicates it has an alternate name and already imported. The site linked is good reference to see what the North America/Japan names differences since not always obvious.  



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2 hours ago, johnnydlux said:

I have a rom that works in MAME, but didn't import into Launchbox.  I've even tried importing just that one rom with all the filters turned off (hacked, region, etc.).  The rom is Kaiser Knuckle if anyone has had success with that one, or also notices it missing.

It is in the DB: https://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/games/details/27063

No preceding or trailing space in the DB name, check your ROM name. You can also try with the alt name Global Champion.

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