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Playlist and parent issues


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So ive decided to rehall my arcade to the platform catagorys playlist. But i got a couple probs with it. 

1. Depending on the size of the playlist, the video that represents the playlist right b4 you click in is so slow if you have a big playlist. Marios a great example. Or puzzle i have over 200 and it takes a few seconds for it to switch from the video it was last on to the puzzle one. My osumption was its becasue its pre loading the playlist. But why is this not a issue with arcade as a platform? Got over 5000 there and the video loads instantly..

2. This one is niche but still dosent make sense to me. The parent function is really ausome. I had a cool idea for pinball fx3 to make themed sections. So i click pinball, then pinball fx3, then i have all the different catagories like movies and tv, marvel, starwars, ect... no isue there. How ever if i want to make a mario play list, i add sections afterwords because in the parent check list, it wont let me see anything under playlist. Even if i check see playlist in platform. This one i can work around as i can just make seperate play lists. But just seems strange your not aloud too

3. Last but not least in big box, in the platform catagorys sections dedicated to playlist show 0 total games. You click on it and the actual playlist show the right numbers. Such a small thing but anoying none the less.

Anybody have a clue how to deal with these issues? Thanks in advanced 

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Should clarify a few things. I have a gtx 1070, 16 gigs ram, and a i7 7700 runing windows 11. The Playlists are really slowing down my rig. Its so painfully noticeable. I'm really considering discarding all that work just because of the slow down. I even tried a theme with no videos and just trying to load it takes forever. 

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