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How to close games using back+start button on my controller


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So currently all my emulators will close when I hit the escape key. However Cemu which I just added does not. There also was a little issue when I was trying to add it that the system name did not show up in the associated platforms grid. However I seemed to have solved that by simply manually typing in the system name. But like I said, now when I hit the escape button on my keyboard cemu simply goes to window mode instead of closing.

Now ultimately I would like to use in addition to the escape button on my keyboard, back + start button on my controller. However, I can't seem to get that to work at all for any of the emulators.

So if anyone knows the secret sauce to solve these items please respond. I am using the latest launchbox and the latest cemu and other emulators.

I have already combed the forums here for solutions as well as YouTube. The only definitive thing I can tell you is that there is a lot of ways that used to work that don't any longer. I have already seem posts like: 

 that have multiple wrong answers that seemingly don't work any longer. So rather than hack up my new installation and cause myself more problems in the long run trying to get this to work, if anyone actually knows what it takes to make this happen, please respond. Thank you in advance.

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Do you have those two buttons mapped to "Exit Game" in LB and if you use BB have them mapped to "Close Active Window"? Are you running Cemu as admin by chance?

Scripts from that post you linked still work. In fact for my Cemu set-up I use the one below which is in that thread. Cemu closes fine.

    SetTitleMatchMode, 2
    WinWaitActive, Cemu
    Send !{f4}    			


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Posted (edited)

Yes indeed I can verify that adding that code to tools -> Manage emulator, select your Cemu emulator and add the the following to the Running AutoHotKey Script tab does in fact close the emulator.


Now for part 2, getting the controller back + start to close the game.


In lauchbox going to tools->options->game controllers I found that the controller was not enabled. I checked the button and it still didn't work. So I saved and restarted launchbox and it started working. I went to mapping and found that nothing was set for the "Exit Game". So I hit add and pressed back and start on my controller. However this adds "Button 7, Button 8" which is seems to close the game now when I press either back or start. I think what I really want is "Button7 + Button 8", however I can't seem to get it to take that way. And there doesn't seem to be any way to just type in what you want or a way to return to the default configuration. So how do I set the correct configuration?


Edit: After going in and setting this button configuration to "close active window" I learned that in order to set "Button 7 + Button 8" you must hold the first button, then press the second button, and then release the second button. And this sets the "+" instead of "," It is explained much better in Big Box than in Launchbox.


Thanks for all your help! I now appear to have the Front End of my dreams.


I have to hand it to the team at Launchbox, compared to every other front end out there, this is a dream to use. It's not without its problems but those problems are relatively minor compared to problems I have run into with other front ends. Most of the problems I am referring to are things like, missing artwork for example. It's amazing how much has been automated and just works out of the box.



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