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Black screen Sharp x68000 on retroarch


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i have read around people having issues with launch issues with video issues , which i have double checked and do not have set it to on , but has anyone else had issues ? i cant seem to get anything working , either with zip or unzipped files . 

I have the bios files in the correct place so im kinda of out of ideas after going through the youtube video 

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From what I can gather the problem is with the new core, it's a known problem, but the only advice seems to be use the old core. I tried loading up an X68k game today and had a black screen as you described, but switching to the older core it all started working again.

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On 4/13/2022 at 2:06 AM, Belgarath said:

Download the cores from Retroarch's buildbot. I Believe 1.9.11 is the last version that worked. Then just replace your existing px68k core with the old one.


Thank you Belgarath. It's 5-17-22 and I've spent the last three days trying to get the latest LaunchBox/BigBox and the latest Retroarch  and the px68k core to work and couldn't get even one game to work (and yet a CoinOPS Next 2 x68000 build would) and today I ran across your post here and I got that v1.9.11 which fixed everything.

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