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Casio PV-1000 Setup Trouble


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I'm not sure if this is a noob question or not, but its definitely making me feel like a noob. I'm trying to set up Casio PV-1000 in Launchbox through Retroarch's Mame core and I'm having trouble. Here's my setup, what I've run into, and what I've tried so far.

First of all.. I have my roms set up with a softlist (pv1000.xml)

My RetroArch/System/mame/roms/ folder and the pv-1000 folder inside can be seen in the screenshots below.

mame01.thumb.png.bdae977203a4889427b8de5d4a9699fc.png  mame02.thumb.png.14292b85e9814d9c90e3f729a2d256f4.png

You'll notice the zip files and bin files therein are named properly as per the attached XML softlist.

When I attempt to launch a game I am greeted with this screen:

I can then navigate to the correct rom from here:

And it seems to load just fine:

Now, if i exit retroarch, any time I attempt to launch any PV-1000 game it will load into whatever rom I last successfully loaded through the mame interface. Unless I empty the cart slot in mae and THEN exit, in which case I will be greeted once again with the first screen next time I launch a game.

So the retroarch mame core can clearly see and load the game just fine. There's something about my setup that seems to not be telling the retroarch mame core to launch any game.
I've provided some screenshots of various pertinent settings in launchbox and the retroarch mame core options:
launchbox01.thumb.png.17d949943e6f07d68c6174830b382120.png  launchbox-emulator01.thumb.png.63058a2594c5e65366f24cd2274b9272.png  launchbox-emulator02.thumb.png.7de1a3dae6c9610888931c19b0f1c346.png  


Are there any glaring errors anyone can see in my set up? This system has been an unusual thorn in my side. Any help I can get would be much appreciated.


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1 hour ago, Lordmonkus said:

Retroarch Mame for non arcade is a pain in the ass but here is a thread that might be of some help to you.


Thanks so much! Found exactly the useful tips i needed there and got it working!

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