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Ryujinx Launchbox error


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Hi i am having an issue when i launch Ryujinx 1.1.119 through Launchbox, as soon as i click to load the game i get this error (see below). If i load Ryujinx directly I do not receive this error. Any idea why please? I am not in admin mode but have tried with it on to. Thanks for any help.



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Working fine here. Just updated to that version and on Win10 as well. That error is not a LB error its from Windows so that is odd. I would double check your emulator setting in LB Manage Emulators and make sure you are pointing to the correct .exe file.

Your Windows is up-to-date correct?

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Hi I have double checked and yes I am definitely pointing to the correct Ryujinx exe file (see screenshot attached). Yes my windows is up-to-date, 1803 relates to an April 2018 related windows update so definitely newer than that. The strange thing is when i load Ryujinx directly it works as I say.

Ryujinx error.JPG

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I am still having this issue. Ryujinx loads fine on its own when I load directly, without any error, but I  keep getting this error about windows being out of date when I launch through Launchbox. I am on windows 21H2 build 19044.1682 so I am definitely past 1803 build.

This is driving me crazy guys any help please? I have tried changing location of Ryujinx, but I still receive the error in Launchbox, but not when I load directly. I have tried running in Admin and non Admin mode.

Thanks for any help

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