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  1. Great stuff. Thanks a lot for these mate.
  2. Thank you mate much appreciated. No worries on the heads up for the games, nice to give something back 👍
  3. Thanks again for all these mate, they are great. Would it be possible for you to do a Sega Lindbergh box for R-Tuned Ultimate Street Racing as that is also Sega Lindbergh, and also Namco ES3 game Lost Land Adventure. Thank you very much for your help.
  4. Thanks very much for these, they are great. Would you happen to have Lost Land Adventure also which I believe is also Namco ES3. Cheers.
  5. ok I will have to have a look as its no dice with the version i have got. Strange that it works in Teknoparrot directly though. Thanks.
  6. Thanks very much for your reply I have tried what you said, in pointing to a blank text document called WackyRaces.txt (instead of xml) and I have also moved the default command line from the main tab, however i still get the same error code as above. Any other suggestions please?
  7. Hi All, Firstly loving your emulator, so thanks very much for all the hard work in making this happen I am having an issue in trying to load the game "Wacky Races " through the Launchbox latest version. It loads fine through Teknoparrot. I have also encountered this with a couple of other games i.e Friction I have also had a friend look through this for me and he says the settings seem ok and seems like an issue with Teknoparrot. I have attached some screenshots for your perusal. Maybe something I am doing wrong of course. Thanks very much Steven
  8. Oh sorry, I need to go to Specsavers. Sorry to waste your time.
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