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CPC Emulator (Arnold Aeliss Edition)


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The CPC line of computers are notorius for having some of the worst emulators.
MAME - Issues: accuracy, terrible support for the plus line.
RetroArch - Issues: accuracy, can't change disks, terrible support for the plus line
WinAPE - Issues: accuracy, automation, fullscreen resolutions from 2004
Arnold - Issues: automation, joystick support, fullscreen not working

And the list just goes on.. with emulators that isn't being maintained.

But i fucking found a version of Arnold made by a french forum user on CPC Wiki, that fixed all the issues of Arnold and released his own version back in 2020
AND IT IS ... really good.

He wanted to make an emulator that works "from his couch: as he stated on the forum, that means its made frontend friendly with mordern features and Arnold's already great accuracy.

You can get it here: https://www.cpcwiki.eu/forum/emulators/another-version-of-arnold-emulator/

I think http://www.emu-france.com/emulateurs/10-ordinateurs/97-amstrad-cpc-cpc/ has a compiled version if you scroll down.

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Can see i left out a an important fact in my haste, i wasnt talking about the regular CPC line (464 & 6128) as CapriCe Forever has a higher accuracy than Arnold on those systems with their recent builds.
I was talking mainly about the Plus line of computers. (try loading the Ghost n Goblins CPC Plus remake in CapriCe Forever and take a listen to it's sound implementation, it can't be called functional)

Arnold has always been the only CPC emulator outside of WinAPE with decent/good accuracy for the CPC Plus, producing a playable experience.

And now it has a fork that makes the emulator workable in a frontend enviroment, the ideal would be for CapriCe Forever to finaly work out their Plus line support but thats hopefully to come.

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