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Hyperspin VS Launchbox NAS shootout (IMPORTANT PC tune info!)


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I currently use an Asustor AS6404T NAS with SMB shares. I have a 1GB connection between my NAS and my beefy Alienware laptop running Windows 11. I have been nothing short of MAJORLY disappointed in BOTH softwares performance in this configuration. There has to be something I can do here .... or is there? Let's find out!

Current load/launch times: 
Launchbox load to menu time is 31 seconds and almost 3 minutes to load a Mame game (3:31)
Hyperspin load to menu time is 15 second  (now add 16 seconds addtional to load mame wheel) and 37 seconds to load mame game. (1:08). Wow Launchbox is absolute garbage right? Now hold on keep reading. 

Changes made that had ZERO effect:
Disable Windows Defender, Altered NIC driver properties in different combinations, disable IPV6, disable file indexing, disable firewall. enabled SMB2 and 3 on NAS, enabled multichannel support and disabled opportunistic locking on NAS, added LB to Nvidia control panel and tweaked several settings. 

Changes made that provides much lower load times:
Adding a hard path to the roms in the mame.ini decreased Hyperspins Mame wheel load time by 2 seconds. (It made no difference for Launchbox load times.) 
Disabling the following option under Virus &Threat protecion: Disable Virus and threat protection settings
Disabling the following options under app and browser control: Reputation-based protection

Now let's look at load times!
Launchbox load to main menu time - 31 seconds (no change)
Launchbox- Mame game load time 24 seconds (MASSIVE change)
(FYI - 15 seconds before mame.exe is launched if real time protection is enabled)
Hyperspin - load to mame menu theme - 13 seconds (mame.ini changed dropped 2 seconds)
Hyperspin - Selecting mame wheel when becomes useable - 14 seconds (2 seconds lower)
Hypersin - Mame game load time 24 seconds (13 second improvement!)
(If real time protection is enabled it takes mame 8 seconds to start loading otherwise it's 2 seconds)

Total load times after changes:
Launchbox (55 seconds)
Hyperspin (51 seconds).  

Final thoughts:
1.) Maybe the devs should consider an install menu notice warning users of slow poor performance due to Windows features and a link to click to take them to instructions? 
2.) I'm disappointed I spent $1400 on a killer NAS to have to sit and wait for a damn 70KB game to load.  There just has to be a way to at a minimum make a Launchbox "NAS friendly" edition.

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34 minutes ago, CLE said:

Launchbox load to menu time is 31 seconds and almost 3 minutes to load a Mame game (3:31)

I stopped reading right here. I just loaded Launchbox in 7 seconds and launched a Mame game in 10 seconds. In total 17 seconds so there is something wrong with your setup. Keep in mind that my setup is on a slow HDD, not a fast SSD.

Your complaint is that software running off a NAS is slow, well no duh, of course it's slow, it's a NAS meant to be used for storage, not running software off of it.


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Full edit and update.

I run a 10GB connection to a high end Synology raid array and it was just as slow as your @CLE.  My connection speed to the Synology is a full 10Gb.  I was pretty bummed about it.  Then based off your comment i disabled Virus protection on that share.  Issue fixed!  So your hangup could be based on your nas and network.

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