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Combined: Orionsangel's Realistic Arcade Overlays & HyperspaceMadness Reflective Shader - by Knowcontrol


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v23-May, 2022

Hello. This is my first submission to the community. I recently came across Orionsangel's Realistic Arcade Overlays for RetroArch and was blown away at how amazing they look! @Orionsangel then began to update his overlays to be compatible with HyperspaceMadness' Reflection Shader. These two visual elements really bring some amazing realistic life to MAME arcade games!!!

I then took on a project to combine Orionsangel's overylays and HSM's shaders into one. This was more time-consuming than I thought. Because not all Orionsangel's are converted to use HSM's shaders, I had to find a way that both could exist in the same folder structure and require no user intervention to change screen scaling. Bottom line - Orionsangel's original overlays (bezels) have their scale set within the game's cfg file. His overlays combined with the HSM shader's scale is set within the game's .slangp file (each game has their own .slangp shader file). And finally, mame_libretro.cfg is controlling the global video scaling by setting Core Provided.

  • I have included -all- necessary files to make this work.
  • I hope to keep this overlay/shader combining project going whenever Orionsangel puts out new overlays.
  • I have included only the Realistic Arcade Overlays that have been modified to work with the Reflection Shader, you'll need to download the full Orionsangel's Realistic Arcade Overlays pack from his forum post to get all the overlays.

Before you go and drop this in your Retroarch folder, I suggest just spinning up a new RetroArch folder and put these in there. Once you determine it's okay to use these in your main RA folder then it'll be just a simple drag/drop.

CAUTION: I have a mame_libretro.cfg file in the Retroarch/config folder. This will overwrite your current mame_libretro.cfg file if you copy it over. Please be sure to back it up!!!

These files were built with:

  • RetroArch 1.10.3
  • Orionsangel overlay set from May 3rd, 2022
  • HyperspaceMadness shaders from his github page which was updated May 8th, 2022
  • MAME 0.241 non-merged ROMset
    • Your ROM names may not match the cfg file names in the RetroArch>config folder. Simply rename the gamename.cfg to match your ROM's name.

In LaunchBox, go to Tools>Manage>Emulators>RetroArch>Associated Platforms and enter

-c "config\mame_libretro.cfg"

in the Extra Command-Line Parameters


Try launching 1943u.zip or Bubble Bobble (bublbobl.zip) as these are two examples that have the combined overlay and shader. If you want to know the other games, just go to the config/MAME folder and do a search for *.slangp



Oh! One last thing - if you have a Game Startup/Over theme enabled, you will need to do the following to make sure the "Game Over" splash screen doesn't prematurely fire because the shader and overlays take a long time to load.


@Knowcontrolsaid: I recently started running some bezel overlays and shaders in RetroArch that take a long time to load and I was getting the "Game Over" screen before the game loads (which it does). My solution was to ctrl+a all the games in the platform, ctrl+e to bulk edit and then I enabled Startup Screen - Override Default Settings, enabled Startup Screen - Enabled, and set Startup Screen - Load Delay = 10 seconds. This now gives RA time to load the shader, bezel, and game without thinking the game has finished and the Game Over screen still functions as expected when closing a game!


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3 minutes ago, onlyforthefileslol said:

the size of a postage stamp

Check that you have Settings>Video>Scaling set to Core Provided. Also check Quick Menu>Shaders>Shader Parameters>Aspect Ratio>Type - set to 2.00  --- as well as Quick Menu>Shaders>Shader Parameters>Viewport Zoom>64. I'm using a 1920x1080 screen, btw.

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HEy @Knowcontrol this is great and exactly what I was looking for as tackling MAME is so damn daunting to me...so yeah this is a good jumping off point, si thank you very much! I am wondering if I can forego adding the mega_bezel and HyperspaceMadness shaders folders since I literally did a fresh install of RetroArch and the Mega Bezel project a week and a half ago(along with Soqueroeu and Duimon's amazing packs, (I am trying to curate the, imho, perfect collection of bezels and CRT shaders)), since it has been well over a year since this was updated, I imaging what I have is actually newer than what is in your archive. Am I wrong in assuming this?

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