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Audio volume increases to maximum on its own.


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Hi all,

I tried using the search function but was unable to come up with anything.  A GOOGLE search was no help.

When I'm playing games on bigbox the in game volume increases on its own up to what I believe is max volume.  It will sometimes correct on its own and come back down to the the level I set using volume controls.  This happens regardless of the emulator I'm using.  Is there a setting that I'm missing somewhere?

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23 hours ago, Knowcontrol said:

Just curious, did you happen to accidentally set the controller bindings within BigBox as Volume Up and Volume Down?

I've been testing to see when it happens.  I only noticed during games at first but it begins increasing volume as soon as I start BB.  As soon as the intro video starts it will begin at whatever volume I set the computer at but will steadily increase to full volume and then drop back down on its own.   Same thing happens during games.  It will increase to max and then randomly back down.  

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Check the wires to the speakers you are listening through. Update the audio driver. Disable or remove any audio players. Remove any microphones.

Click on the Start button and then the gear-like symbol to open the Settings menu.  Go to Updates and Security >> Troubleshoot.  Select Playing audio from the options and run the audio troubleshooter.

Search MMSYS.CPL in Windows search box. Communications > Do Nothing. Playback>Locate your default Sound device (Speaker or Headphone) and Right click and click on Properties.>Enhancements>Disable All Enhancements

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