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Automatically switch between 4-way and 8-way joystick depending on loaded game.

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Hey everyone. I just picked up a GRS TOS Switchable 4-to-8-Way Restrictor and I'm absolutely loving it. I was able to automate Launchbox to automatically switch my joystick to 4-way for all of the necessary games. I automated 382 games in under 3 minutes! I only needed 2 plug-ins and the ini files; Create Playlists from MAME, see step 3 here https://forums.launchbox-app.com/topic/60019-ultimate-mame-tutorial-all-killer-no-filler-or-playable-fullset/ , and (Bulk) Add Additional Applications, https://forums.launchbox-app.com/files/file/2866-bulk-add-additional-applications/

The application for the switcher is available at https://thunderjoystick.com/products/GRS-TOS/tos428cl_setup.zip (link included in installation manual).


After installing the tos428cl application and the LaunchBox plug-ins, click "Tools", then "Arcade Playlists from ini". Next, browse for your MAME ini/folders folder. Then click on Control.ini in the left column, and Joystick 4-way in the middle column. Click "Create Playlist", then either close this window or continue adding playlists by selecting the other control types (Joystick 2-way, Joystick 2-way Vertical).

In the main LaunchBox window, select "Playlists" from the drop-down list under "Search". Highlight your newly created playlist, then click on any game in the list. Hit 'CTRL + A' to select all. Then right-click and choose "Bulk Run Before/After Main Application".

In "Application Name", enter tos428cs

For "Application Path", browse for the tos428cs.exe file installed earlier.

In "Application Command-Line Parameters", enter the COM port followed by the parameters needed (i.e. COM4 setway,all,4). You can determine the COM Port with the command, tos428cl getport.

Tick the box for "Automatically Run Before Main Application", and click "OK".

- Right click any of the games and repeat the above steps, but using "setway,all,8" and ticking "Automatically Run After Main Application".

Now all of the games in that list will switch the joystick to 4-way when started, and back to 8-way on exit.

Repeat the above process for each of the playlists you want to automate.

I've included a video (no sound, just subtitles) that shows the steps in creating the 3 playlists and automating each one. I hope this can help some of you. Have fun!





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Very cool! Can you post pics on how you made your joystick dial?

GRS makes great arcade controls and at great prices. I have his Star Wars yoke, Tron stick, spinner and led trackball. Now I'm just waiting on the Tron switcher to be released.

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