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Problem with TurboGrafx-CD import/access.


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I went through the process of creating a new platform for TurboGrafx-CD using RetroArch. I went through the same process I did with ColecoVision and eight or nine other platforms and they all work without any problems. During the setup it asked me for the BIOS file (syscard3.pce) which I had; I copied into LaunchBox\Emulators\RetroArch-Win64\system, pointed the setup wizard at it, and everything proceeded as expected. It identified all the games, downloaded artwork, etc. All good.

When I launch a title I get the launch screen -- "SUPER CD-ROM^2 SYSTEM. VER. 3.00" with a blinking "PUSH RUN BUTTON!"  I hit RETURN and "PUSH RUN BUTTON!" changes to "JUST A MOMENT..." and then...nothing happens. It just sits there forever — or at least for 15 minutes, which is as long as I was willing to wait on each of three different games I tested.

In attempting to troubleshoot I unzipped one of the games into its own folder; this resulted in a single .CUE file and several .BIN files. Back in LaunchBox I pointed that game from the ZIP file to the CUE file, and this time the game ran as expected. I still got "SUPER CD-ROM^2 SYSTEM. VER. 3.00" with a blinking "PUSH RUN BUTTON!" but this time pushing the RUN button actually worked and the game started almost immediately.

So I figured, okay, for whatever reason this emulator doesn't like ZIP files. So I deleted the TurboGrafx-CD console from LaunchBox (leaving the metadata behind) and unzipped all of the games, each one into its own folder as I had with my test game. I created another TurboGrafx-CD console and pointed it towards my now-unzipped game library. It imported all of them very quickly (since the metadata was already there). My test game still works but none of the other ones do. I don't even get the "SUPER CD-ROM^2 SYSTEM. VER. 3.00" screen; it just goes black and nothing else happens. Digging further I found that all of the games except my test game are pointing towards one of the BIN files in each of the folders. If I manually switch this to the CUE file in the folder then all of the games now present the "SUPER CD-ROM^2 SYSTEM. VER. 3.00" screen, but only a few of the games actually launch/work.

So, questions:

  1. Does this emulator simply not like ZIP files or is something else happening here that I can't see?
  2. If it DOES like ZIP files then why is my system hanging every time I select a game located in a ZIP file?
  3. If it DOESN'T like ZIP files then why is it defaulting to a BIN file that doesn't work, rather than the CUE file that does?
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You need to only import the file type that the emulator requires, in this case the .cue file. So you need to remove the platform again and re-import but with just the cue files this time. You can navigate to your rom folder and put *.cue in the windows search and drag and drop all the results to Launchbox to initiate the import wizard.

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