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In version 11 when assigning a Shortcut to Switch a Theme or Switch a View, and you'd press that Shortcut key, the Theme or View would just Toggle/Cycle through every time you pressed the shortcut. 

In version 12 it seems that everytime one presses the Shortcut, a popup list menu shows up for the either the Theme selection or the View selection, and you have to manually select the Theme or View you want then confirm. It no longer toggles through the Themes or Views without any popup menu. 

I tried going though all the Options and Settings to see if I was missing something, am I missing something? Or is this the new standard behavior for switching Themes and Views?


Edit - Forgot to Add the Screenshots below. The "Popup" screen is what I wanna avoid - and go back to the behavior of just cycling through the views/themes without the screen

Screenshot (66).jpeg

Screenshot (67).jpeg

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45 minutes ago, nicolasonline said:

After doing some digging in the changelogs I found out this was implements to the Change View as a feature improvement in version 12.5

Is there an official place I can download older versions of Launchbox?


No. Older versions are not available from the site.

You can look in your updates folder. If you have not deleted anything in there all the past versions you installed are there. You can simply select the one you want and run the installer. Keep in mind reverting means you loose any feature updates not present in the version. Also as BB/LB features change sometimes themes will no longer work properly on older versions.

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