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I kinda just wanted to just create a post to see other peoples idea at some potential new feature ideas that people wanna see implemented, I've personally had one for a little while and it came about because I looked at my library of games and saw that there were so many and many of them I hadn't played before so I was having a hard time choosing which game to start playing. So, to help others like me when facing this predicament I was wondering if there could be a feature added for a random shuffle/ select game launch function in LB, with some filters capability likes all games, certain platforms or some other game type category. I'd like to hear other peoples' thoughts so feel free to share down below! 

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On 6/27/2022 at 10:06 AM, C-Beats said:

It doesn't have all the filter logic you are referring to but there is a "Select Random Game" function in LaunchBox in the Tools menu.

Interesting! I didn't even know it had the function, albeit that some added filters would still be nice to the right type of game depending on a whim would be really nice though. Thanks for the response! 

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there is also the related games/recommended games feature, so if you liked a certain game, you can check out other games that are similar. 
i like attract mode, it plays through random videos and if you see one you like to play you pause it and start the game.

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