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Anyone have the gog medallion icon/.ico for witcher 3 goty?


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the installer seems to be broken and all i can muster is the icon from the executable.  its goggame-1495134320.ico and looks like this image.thumb.png.7fd1a97e2a0766c2c990d3f44c27f001.png
spent some hours trying to fix it and/or source it and this is my last ditch.  i know the volume of media/assets floating around here and coupled with the popularity of the game im hoping :P

EDIT: apparently it simply does not exist.  the .ico file is deleted if you update from 1.31 to 1.32 and the icon for 1.31 is pulled from a dll which is also deleted if you patch to 1.32.  gog breaks everything on that one.   Solution, install 1.31 and dont update to 1.32.  you'll have the 
goggame-1495134320.ico but in yet another fail, they seemed to deviate from the round gog type icon that i showed in my attachment.  The default goggame-1495134320.ico is identical to the standard icon included with the exe.  I guess those medallions are remnants of an icon they were planning on and never got around to... or.. something. 

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aaaaah, maybe that was where things got janky and confusing.  seems they included it with witcher 3 but goty just.. didnt.   i'm just trying to have a visual representation of which are GOG games if nothing else.  consistency, a bit of OCD etc :P

regardless, thank you a ton.  I appreciate it!

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