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Importing Batocera images/videos/ROMs


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I will post this as a new feature request but thought I'd check first to see whether I've missed something:

I need to get all my Batocera ROMs and media into LaunchBox Windows. Therein lies a problem. I have a lot of platforms, ROMs and curated images and videos which I've spent a long time collating and scraping for Batocera.

I've imported the ROMs for the first platform (Atari 2600). The ROMs import fine but I'm struggling to bring in the images and videos that I scraped in Batocera. The structure is as follows:


Images (box front):

Images (screenshot):

Images (banner):



I think what I need is some new Batocera import facility where you can bulk import from a platform (or ideally multiple platforms). The import tool would ask where the ROM files are located and also the images and video naming structure. So in my example above, you could say the ROM files are in xxx folder and the box front image is in xxx sub folder with a filename of [romfile]-thumb.png. This would be a great feature for anyone migrating from another front-end to LaunchBox....or am I in a minority of people who have a large collection of ROMs and media which has been curated for another front-end?

I checked on the LaunchBox Discord group just now to see if anyone knows a way I can do this without having to reconvert all the files, but thought I'd check here too as we may have different people with different knowledge. 


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Same answers will apply here as you got in the discord. You would need to bulk rename the files as the Batocera format does not match LB formatting. Highly unlikely the devs will spend their time creating a tool to import another front end's media when we have our own Games DB and API access to EmuMovies media.

You could post in the 3rd party apps sub-forum to see if someone might be willing to develop a plug-in for LB to do this.

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