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1 minute ago, freezermeat said:

Wondering if there's a tutorial or thread that shows how to set up PC based games like Battlefield 1942 and Half-Life.

There is no real setup, they are PC games, and you are on a PC, you can just drag and drop shurtcuts/.exe files to Launchbox to import them, and choose the "none of the above" option in the wizard that opens.

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1 minute ago, freezermeat said:

Ok, I don't have .exe files they are .bin and .cue so wasn't sure which import I was supposed to pick.

You have PC games that are in cue/bin format, so thats weird. So that is a CD rip using old cd ripping software, you would have to find some software that will mount that in a virtual drive (or physically burn it to a cd) in order to access the contents of the disc. You are probably also gonna need a cd key or a nocd crack as im assuming you didnt rip these yourself so dont have a official key. If you are, ahem acquiring these online, i would pick a better source that simply has the setup files rather than what is designed to be burnt to a real cd and used like a actual physically purchased game.


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29 minutes ago, freezermeat said:

Ya found them on Internet Archive, so I need to look for .exe files.

No. Like neill9000 said, you have a disc image. You have to mount the disc image to a virtual cd / dvd drive.


Once mounted, in windows explorer, it would look like you have a disc inserted in a cd / dvd drive. Then go to that cd / dvd drive and look for something like setup.exe to install the pc game like normal. But be warned. Older pc games might not run in Windows 10 / 11.


To add, Also like neil9000 said, after installation, you probably need to copy over the games' exectuable with a cracked one. Maybe your download came with one. Else you have to look for it online.

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