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Sega Genesis Emulator - Fusion 3.64 not displaying correctly


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I REALLY want to use this emulator in Launchbox/BigBox, but it is not displaying in fullscreen properly.  Can anyone tell me the trick to get it working, or is it even possible?  It currently launches in a window and the emulator seems to freeze.  When I add the emulator to launchbox, I know it adds the command line to launch in fullscreen, but it's just not working correctly.  I'm hoping there's a simple command, or a setting I need to tick or untick that will make this work.  If you can confirm this emulator works in Launchbox/Bigbox fullscreen, I'd love to know how.  Thanks if you can help!

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5 hours ago, Lordmonkus said:

There are a bunch of posts about this issue here on the forums if you do a search. It does work but it requires specific settings.

Thanks!  Any chance you can point me to the one with the solution?  When I just did a search for "genesis fusion", it shows over 2200 results! :)

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