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Launchbox not loading music for Sega CD


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Wondering if anyone has experienced this issue. When I boot a Sega CD game from the menu in launchbox/bigbox, the game loads but without the music. (Sound effects still work). This is with either genesis plus gx or picodrive as the default core. 


However, when I choose "open retroarch" from the menu, then load a core and a game manually, it works just fine.


There seems to be something going on in the communication between launchbox and retroarch.

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21 minutes ago, coviscus said:

Yeah It's all cue/bin. What would the directory/setting be for telling launchbox what file to import?

There is no setting to tell LB what specific file type to install. When importing a bin/cue style game the best method is to open Windows folder and drag and drop the .cue files for all the games for that platform into LB. This way only the .cue gets imported.

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