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Bigbox: Show playlist first in game-list for platform


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I want to have a playlist, like for instance "best of amiga" under the amiga-platform, that is the first "game" in the list. Is that possible? If I view platforms the playlist doesn't show, and if i have "show platforms and categories" and go into the amiga platform, it only shows the playlist, but none of the games.

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5 hours ago, flac_rules said:

Thanks, but i still can't see it, is this maybe some setting/skin in big box? I use platform view, I tried making the playlist as you said, and had the Amiga platform as the parent.

Cannot see the playlist at all or cannot see it first.

Does it show correctly in LB?

Can you post a pic of what you see in BigBox and also edit the playlist in LB and share a pic of the Details Tab and the Parents tab.

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Ah. I see now. A playlist will never show up inside your list of actual games.

So in that pic you posted of the Wall View of games you would never see something like:

                         > Amiga Playlist - 1st Divsion Manager - 3D Construction Kit - ...and so one. You would only see games.

A playlist shows up only as a select-able item from outside of a list of games.

LB/BB heirarchy is something like:

>Platform Category


            >Games in the platform


           >Games in the playlist

You can manipulate where in a Platform Category or a Platform a playlist will show up, but it cannot be placed directly in the list of games.


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