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How to configure Arcade platform with the MAME (Git) or Arcade (Mame-Current) core as the default


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I have the free version of Launchbox 12.14 and I am looking to change RetroArch to load the core MAME (Git) which was identified by RetroArch as the core that loads the MAME roms I am trying to use.


Currently, I have to open RetroArch and load the rom, followed by selecting the Mame core ARCADE (MAME-current). 


I cannot use the process of TOOLS – MANAGE – EMULATORS – RetroArch – EDIT – Associated Platforms – CORES – and then on the drop box able to find the MAME (Git) core.


I found on a 2020 forum post that a suggestion was to select the BLANK box and type the core .dll file name into as what is given in RetroArch Core Information, but I am not able to put custom text into the drop box’s last selection choice box.  You can only select what the drop box gives you, and there is no MAME (Git).


I have searched my RetroArch folder of .dll cores and cannot even see a reference to “MAME (Git)”, so where exactly is this core and how to I point LaunchBox to use it on my Arcade category/platform?


Is this only available in the PAID LaunchBox?



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26 minutes ago, RicholasW said:

I cannot use the process of TOOLS – MANAGE – EMULATORS – RetroArch – EDIT – Associated Platforms – CORES – and then on the drop box able to find the MAME (Git) core.


Well that is how you do it, if the "mame" core is not showing then you dont have it, have you confirmed that you actually have the core downloaded and in the Retroarch/Cores folder. That dropdown actually looks at your core folder and lists everything in it. And no this is not locked to the paid version, premium features are mostly cosmetic related and not functionality (excluding the Bigbox UI).

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I selected mame_libertro.dll in the drop down.  It does launch the title of core as Arcade(Current-Mame) but it does not load the game.   

So that is interesting the the CORE INFORMATION is classed Mame (Git) yet there the core is called mame_libertro.dll    However it is odd that it only seems to work when I have to open RetroArch only now.

The other observation I notices is that it defaults the custom bezels to the default Arcade bezel.  So something isn't configured correctly.

If anyone else is having success, let me know what your configuration is to open mame roms.  I'll keep searching forum and YouTube.

I appreciate the support neil9000 and Overlord!  


Proof below that the same ROM loads with custom bezel when I manually open RetroArch and then select - CONTENT - CORE Arcade (Mame-current)


Configuring CORE for ARCADE in ASSOCIATED PLATFORMS to mame_liberto.dll as the core drop box and running, thus getting no loaded game and a default bezel rather.  Both show a center title screen that says the core is Arcade (MAME-Current)




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I guess that is why I posted in NOOBS!  Something too simple as unchecking a box!  I wonder how long it would have taken me to experiment to that step?!?

Very much thankful and appreciated for your support Overlord!  You live up to your name!

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