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How do I find out what cores RetroArch is using?


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My skill and experience with LaunchBox/BigBox and associated technologies is increasing, thanks largely to this community. But I need help again.  🙂

I'm now at a point where I need to configure my controllers (8BitDo Arcade Sticks) for the various consoles. I've got MAME worked out already; I have a "universal" layout to start with, and I'm tweaking the layout for each game as needed. So we're good there. My issue is with RetroArch. When I was importing my ROMs I pretty much just accepted LaunchBox's defaults/recommendations for each console. Now I need to go back and configure the controllers for each console. I started with Super NES and guessed that I'm using "SNES9X - Current" as the RetroArch core since that seems to be the most highly regarded one for that platform, and through that I was able to configure the controllers and it works nicely now, so yay.

But I have another dozen-plus consoles to deal with now and relying on guesswork doesn't really appeal to me. Is there a way to figure out what core each of my selected consoles are using? I thought it would be as simple as right-clicking on the console from within LaunchBox, selecting EDIT, and seeing the information there but that was just wishful thinking. I also tried Tools->Manage->Emulators and Tools->Manage->Platforms, both of which struck me as plausible places to find this information, but still no luck.

So, I give up: How do I find out what core RetroArch is using for a given console?

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