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Hi all

I am using a full paid for version of Launchbox on an Ayn Odin (lovely machine!) - so, Android.

I am using Duckstation as my emulator for PS1 games.

The problem seem to be with multidisk games. If I open Duckstation directly (i.e. not through Launchbox), when it asks for a disk change I can just open the Duckstation menu and do so. That works fine. If I open the game through Launchbox (again using the same version/installation of Duckstation) when I change the disk, it reverts back to the game page on Launchbox. Does that make any sense? Have I set Launchbox up incorrectly in this instance?

I have tried using Retroarch and various cores instead, but I don't seem to be able to alter the resolution as well as I can with the full Duckstation.

Of course, the option is to just play PS1 games through Duckstation and not bother with Launchbox - but I really like having everything in one place!

Any help gratefully recieved!

Thanks - BY

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Isn't the latest version Swanstation?  I no longer have duckstation unless i load an older version of RA.

Have you looked at the core's input controller settings, and if you can set controller buttons to eject and change the disk?

In swanstation i think if you get a game started and then get the RA menu up, you can go into the core settings and change how discs are handled. might be something in there you can try.

Best to save as game override until you get it set up properly.

In LB for desktop you can tell the RA core to use m3u files, but i haven't seen the equivlent in LB for Android.

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