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Messed Up: Image folder / Videos not working


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Hi Guys,

Happy Xmas and New Year btw !!

I am hoping one of you could help me out with a quick fix :D Basically, I copied my LB contents from a internal drive to an USB external HDD to play on the go.

This worked "up to a point". Every time I tried to upgrade LB, I was getting a UNC error. I did try to fix this by following a few posts but to no avail.  The fix I found that worked is I created a folder called Launchbox on the external HDD  and copied the contents into this folder. This fixed the update issue, HOWEVER, I have no images, emulators, videos, nothing... Only game playlists and systems. 

When I try and launch a game, Launchbox is creating a new image\ music \manual folder outside of my newly created Launchbox folder, basically in the old location -> I hope this makes sense :-)

Anywhere I can change this setting for all my media files and how do I stop LB from creating the folders in the wrong location?

Thanks guys., 


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Yes, but the ../image perhaps points to your old location, just browse and point it to your actual location. It's at least worth a try. I always prefer to edit the .xml file which is a lot faster, but usually people here don't recommend it as you could easily mess up even more. But you can always make a copy of your .xml file, I have a 1:1 backup of the whole LB install anyways. 

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