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Setting controller for ZX Spectrum


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Hi everyone

How do I change the controller for ZX Spectrum in Retroarch? I want to use my controller (and not the keyboard). I understand some games will only play with the keyboard but there's many that can be played with the controller. I've watched a tutorial explaining that this can be done after opening a game by going to Retroarch-Menu-Controls and then changing user 1 device type to Kempston but the problem is I can't find "Controls" in my Retroarch. Not sure if it is a different version? There is an option for "Input" where it says I can change controller settings but even here I am not sure how to I set change to use a controller? See below screenshot


Many thanks!


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15 minutes ago, azorean said:

Anyone able to help with this please?

It looks like you're in the wrong spot (you're in the Main Menu > Inputs) if you are legit in the need to get to the "Controls" page. This is only accessible once a game is booted into because it is under the "Quick Menu" which only appears when game is running. So what you need to do is boot into your game THEN hit F1 on your keyboard. This should take you straight to the Quick Menu, or if not, you can still now manually navigate to the Quick Menu, and from that page, get into the Controls page. At that point you're now where you want to be in order to make controller adjustments.


I'm not familiar with the system/emulator so hopefully this is what you need to do to fix your problem. It certainly gets you to the page you're looking for, but no guarantee it's the fix you need.


If that doesn't fix it up, I would suggest you to use an additional remapping program that would take for example an xinput controller and remap it to your keyboard. This is another method to make a controller work for a keyboard input only game

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Yeah you are in the wrong section, what @skizzosjt said above is the correct location, quick menu/controls/port 1, in there set it to kempston, back up one menu and save a core remap, that will apply that controller to all games loaded in that core. Then simply go into that menu and change it back to keyboard and save a game remap anytime you find a game that doesnt work with the kempston joystick.

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