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Was checking the latest 0.251 changes and newly added games.

New working systems

  • DECO Cassette System ROM Multigame (Darksoft, v17) [David Haywood]
  • Nebula (DECO Cassette) (UK) [Rene Balke, Darksoft, Senil Data Systems, David Haywood]

However when importing a mame full romset in launchbox this new game doesnt get imported.

Even after force update games database metadata.

When i check the mame.xml in \LaunchBox\Metadata it isnt even listed there.

Version 0.250 has Mega Man 3 as newly working.

It also doesnt import and is not present in the metadata.

These are just 2 examples but most likely there are several more which are missing and never get imported.

Any tips? Is this a bug? Missing metadata in launchbox?


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The MAME Arcade Full Set Importer gets which ROMs to import directly from your mame.exe file. 

To see/import Nebula, you need to have the MAME executable v0.251.  (verified)

Same for Mega Man 3 (except mame.exe v0.250 [or newer]).  (verified)


Even if you try to fool LaunchBox by selecting 0.251 as your Full Set Version 


..your executable's version is what determines the games are available to import.



If there are just one or two [new] games you'd like to add, you can also drag and drop those ROMs onto LaunchBox and import them that way.


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