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"Logos in Fanart - Backgrounds" rule is UNFAIR...


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I don't know if this is the right place to complain, but certainly moderation is a little bit questionable...

Months ago, my contributions to Fanart Backgrounds have been rejected for GTA Vice City. Was because they were Low Quality? Maybe Unofficial? Because of the source? To answer that, I can assure you that those were not the case.

I wanted to add and replace some Backgrounds, with OFFICIAL artwork, from the OFFICIAL sources, because it bothers me that some Backgrounds are actually low quality, and they do not represent the game as it should. Not to offend the artist, but this artwork doesn't represent the game, to be honest...


So I thought that I could upload official artwork, instead, so backgrounds would look better. So I made my contribution by replacing the previous artwork by this one, featuring Tommy Vercetti, the main protagonist of this game, drawn by Stephen Bliss , the Rockstar Games artist behind the iconic artworks of GTA and RDR2. But they were rejected... And yes, I left a comment explaining why of this change, about the official Rockstar Games sources... But still, I got rejected.


Why was this rejected? Because of this "No logo in BG" rule that I have never heard before, and even then I have uploaded BGs with logo before, and nobody pointed out this rule.


Oh, okay, I guess it's fine... But hey, then why others can upload FA Backgrounds with LOGOS???


I have made a lot of contributions, and I always cared for High Quality and Official sources. I have never been rejected before, but now it feels so wrong that this rule is not applying to everyone. The worst is that, even reporting this issue won't work, and some moderators reject what they think they should reject, and some times, it's not like that. I want moderation to be fairer, to know the context, to understand why a submission might work better.

Thank You Launchbox community for reading this, and I hope that my message can be answered, with all respect.

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Hey those backgrounds must be deleted asap or replaced with proper ones. Unfortunately there's people that don't bother to read the rules and decide to add things that go against them or decide to backup their wierd hacks into the database.

Plus the mods are stoned 24/7 and accept a lot of things that should not be accepted (I know I've been guilty of that myself).

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I didn't moderate your particular change request, but I would have rejected it as well for the following reasons:

1. It's attempting to overwrite a different fanart background.  Fanart can be exactly that: fan art; Official artwork from official sources is fine in this category, but by no means a requirement or even a priority.  If you want this particular fanart background deleted, you'll have a better chance by submitting a separate deletion request and provide your reasoning that the artwork doesn't represent the game or even make the argument that the one guy's shirt contains text.

2. Text or logos containing text is not allowed in fanart backgrounds because it interferes with clear logos that are overlayed on the backgrounds in launchbox.

Having said that, had I seen this change request come in, after rejecting it, I probably would have re-uploaded your image without the text myself because it would have only taken me 2 seconds to photoshop the logo text out of the image since it's just a solid color behind the text.  But this is going beyond what a moderator is expected to do.


I appreciate you bringing this issue to our attention though, since it highlights that moderation can be inconsistent sometimes.  We can definitely strive to be better.

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Thank you for reviewing my issue. Well, I hope moderation to be better, I've been making contributions years ago, and well, I never had this kind of issues. I felt bad about my submissions being rejected by this rule, and the worse is that I never heard of it before.

I am glad that most of my FA Backgrounds contributions do not have LOGOS, but well... it'll be sad to see some of them deleted, even if I always tried to upload from official artists, official sources, high quality... Quality check was my main reason to contribute here in the LB Database, because it always bothered me to see low quality images for some games...

Thank you again. I'll try to follow this rule from now on, and I hope my submissions to be approved as always, as if nothing happened :D

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